Hans-Konrad Beyer

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The aim of the study was to obtain information on changes in surface electromyograms from the lumbar erector spinae muscles during fatiguing isometric contractions. Four male subjects held different target extension forces to fatique in a prone position under carefully controlled biomechanical conditions. Standard deviations of the distribution of EMG(More)
The electroencephalogram (EEG) during information processing is influenced by specific changes in brain electrical activity. Based on the theory of disturbed information processing in schizophrenics, we analysed auditory stimulus induced EEG changes by Fast Fourier Transformation. The most important of the significant stimulation-dependent EEG power changes(More)
Spontaneous activity was recorded extracellularly by glass microelectrodes from 54 neurons of the Gyrus sigmoideus posterior of unnarcotized and gallamine-immobilazed cats, and the sequential and nonsequential interspike-interval histograms were determined using the multi-channel analyzer CAT 400 C. The interval distributions were characterized by graphic(More)
ADDH children are often reported to display signs of allergies to various substances and/or atopic (AT) symptoms (i.e., atopic eczema, hay fever, or asthma). Since, at least for a subgroup of these children, a common biological background for both ADD and atopy may be assumed that may involve brain catecholamines, our hypothesis was that in a group of AT(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Juxtafacet cysts (JFC) are related to facet joint degeneration. Supine MRI is routinely used to evaluate JFC. However, some JFC are missed and found only intraoperatively. The present study addresses positional MRI features and factors leading to variation in the size of JFC. METHODS Fifty patients in whom positional MRI had been performed(More)
STUDY DESIGN Imaging study with an evaluation of incidences and clinical correlation. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the incidence of 3 different types of instabilities in patients with spondylolysis or isthmic spondylolisthesis. Clinical findings are correlated with imaging findings, and the imaging findings are analyzed with regard to their clinical(More)
Of 108 patients with chronic terminal renal insufficiency in 81 patients controls of the course were possible. In 50 patients an lg-linear course of the increase of creatinine against the time was the result. The running through time from 200 to 1,000 mumol/l creatinine was measured. In 31 patients the at first flatter, also linearly recognizable increase(More)
It was the aim of our study to examine the interhemispherical and extrahemispherical integration that is possibly disturbed in patients suffering from schizophrenic psychoses, using an easy method of EEG performance spectral analysis. For this purpose, the EEG at rest and the functional EEG were determined in 69 schizophrenic patients (ICD) and 22 healthy(More)