Hans Kleemann

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The inversion field-effect transistor is the basic device of modern microelectronics and is nowadays used more than a billion times on every state-of-the-art computer chip. In the future, this rigid technology will be complemented by flexible electronics produced at extremely low cost. Organic field-effect transistors have the potential to be the basic(More)
Organic Zener diodes with a precisely adjustable reverse breakdown from -3 to -15 V without any influence on the forward current-voltage curve are realized. This is accomplished by controlling the width of the charge depletion zone in a pin-diode with an accuracy of one nanometer independently of the doping concentration and the thickness of the intrinsic(More)
Vertical organic thin-film transistors (VOTFTs) are promising devices to overcome the transconductance and cut-off frequency restrictions of horizontal organic thin-film transistors. The basic physical mechanisms of VOTFT operation, however, are not well understood and VOTFTs often require complex patterning techniques using self-assembly processes which(More)
Doping of organic layers is a key technology for organic electronics. Several examples demonstrating the capabilities of the organic doping technology are presented: highly efficient white organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) reaching the efficiency of fluorescent tubes, highly reproducible organic memory devices, and organic Zener Diodes with precisely(More)
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