Hans Karlgren

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Dilemma is intended to enhance quality and increase productivity of expert human translators by presenting to the writer relevant lexical information mechanically extracted from comparable existing translations, thus replacing - or compensating for the absence of - a lexicographer and stand-by terminologist rather than the translator. Using statistics and(More)
On some occasions during Coling conferences we should raise our gaze from the hows of our trade to regard the whys and whynots. Ever since the first Coling was arranged and the term computational linguistics was coined, our undertaking has had two faces: research, where computation is used for better understanding of language, and application, where(More)
Dilemma is a tool built to aid human translators in achieving higher productivity and better quality, by presenting lexical information which is automatically extracted from previous translations. The design decisions have been based on analyses of the human translation process. We present the ideas behind the tool, and outline the functionality. The system(More)
Coling's existence can today be measured in (reasonable fractions of) centuries. After twelve well-renowned international conferences arranged by the International Committee for Computational Linguistics and after an increasing number of publications and local meetings dedicated to the topic one might assume that all of us who care would by now know exactly(More)
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