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Tournament Rewards and Risk Taking
  • Hans K. Hvide
  • Economics, Geology
  • Journal of Labor Economics
  • 1 October 2002
This article considers a Lazear‐Rosen tournament model where agents can influence both the spread of their output distribution (risk taking) and its mean. The unique equilibrium induces excessiveExpand
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The Quality of Entrepreneurs
What determines the quality of entrepreneurs? To address this question, the paper proposes a simple model of the interaction between individual workers’ decision to become entrepreneurs andExpand
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Pragmatic Beliefs and Overconfidence
Several studies indicate that humans are overconfident about their own (relative) abilities. We propose a notion of pragmatic beliefs, and show through an example that this concept can shed light onExpand
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Risk Tolerance and Entrepreneurship
A theoretical tradition argues that more risk tolerant individuals are more likely to become entrepreneurs but perform worse. We test and confirm these predictions with several risk toleranceExpand
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Cultural Diversity, Status Concerns and the Organization of Work
A well-documented human tendency is to compare outcomes with others, trying to outperform them. These tendencies vary across cultures and among different individuals in a given society. To understandExpand
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Do Individual Investors Have Asymmetric Information Based on Work Experience?
Using a novel and unique dataset from Norway, we analyze whether professional proximity is associated with asymmetric information and abnormal returns. We find that individuals hold an excess weightExpand
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Risk taking in selection contests
We study selection contests in which the strategic variable is degree of risk rather than amount of effort. Expand
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University Innovation and the Professor's Privilege
National policies take varied approaches to encouraging university-based innovation. This paper studies a natural experiment: the end of the “professor’s privilege” in Norway, where universityExpand
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Lean and Hungry or Fat and Content? Entrepreneurs' Wealth and Start-Up Performance
We investigate the e¤ect of liquidity, as measured by founder s prior wealth, on startup size and start-up pro tability. Expand
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Do Entrepreneurs Matter?
In the large literature on firm performance, economists have given little attention to entrepreneurs. We use deaths of more than 500 entrepreneurs as a source of exogenous variation, and ask whetherExpand
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