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Regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) was measured by means of the 133-Xenon inhalation method in 12 healthy male volunteers experienced in self-hypnosis for several months. During a well performed levitation of the right arm in hypnosis as compared to resting conditions, we found a global increase of cortical blood flow and a regional activation of temporal(More)
An approximate method to determine sample size for the estimation of population variance, σ2, is given. The estimate of σ2 is denoted as s2 . Based on the assumption of a normal distribution for (s2/σ2−1), the sample size is approximately equal to 20,000 z2 p,/k2; where z is a standard normal deviate, p is the probability that Δs2 (≡ 100¦s2 − σ2¦/σ2) is(More)
The well-known hyperfrontal pattern of hemispheric blood flow measured with 133-Xenon is not found in 12 healthy resting men who have been practicing Autogenic Training for at least six months. This might indicate a long-term decrease in the level of activation. Successfully practiced exercises of Autogenic Training lead to an increased blood flow in the(More)
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Experimentelle Untersuehungen, l~ethodik. Zu den Tierexperimenten wurden aussehliel31ieh t~unde verwendet. Es wurde darauf geaehtet, die Funktion des Organismus dureh operative Eingriffe so wenig als irgendmSglieh zu sch~digen. Die Tiere wurden in leichter Pernoetonnarkose untersucht. Sollte zu Vergleichszwecken ein ]eieht vagotonisehes Tier beobaehtet(More)
Five Hawaiian commercial sugarcane (Saccharum sp. hybrids) clones were crossed in a full diallel. Four morphological characters were studied in the progeny: number of millable stalks per plant, stalk diameter, stalk length, and sucrose content. A fifth character, plant volume, was calculated from stalk number, stalk diameter and stalk length. The five(More)
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