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Vector quantization is a data compression method where a set of data points is encoded by a reduced set of reference vectors, the codebook. We discuss a vector quantiza-tion strategy which jointly optimizes distortion errors and the codebook complexity, thereby, determining the size of the codebook. A maximum entropy estimation of the cost function yields(More)
In rats, the pharmacokinetics of 14C-ambazone after i.v. and oral administration was studied. The results demonstrate that the compound is incompletely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, penetrates rapidly and to a high degree into various tissues and is preferentially eliminated via the kidneys. After i.v. administration of 50 mg/kg b.m. disposition(More)
There is some evidence in the literature that the pharmacokinetics of anticancer agents can be influenced by the presence of a tumor. Therefore several authors recommend pharmacokinetic studies of such drugs to be performed also in tumor-bearing animals (2, 5, 7). The aim of the present study was to evaluate the influence of different stages and routes of(More)
The influence of age of experimental animals on the antileukemic activity, toxicity and distribution of ambazone, a new potential antineoplastic agent, was studied in 2- and 12-month-old B6D2F1 mice. The predominant effect observed was a significant reduction of the antileukemic action of this compound in old-aged mice. Together with a slight increase in(More)
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