Hans-Juergen Haussmann

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Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, yet there is little mechanistic information available in the literature. To improve this, laboratory models for cigarette mainstream smoke (MS) inhalation-induced chronic disease development are needed. The current study investigated the effects of exposing male(More)
Cigarette smoke (CS) is known to cause cancer and other diseases, but little is known about the global molecular and cellular changes that occur prior to the appearance of clinically detectable symptoms. Using DNA microarrays covering 2031 cDNA probes, we investigated differential gene expression in tissues of the rat respiratory tract, i.e. respiratory(More)
Sugars, such as sucrose or invert sugar, have been used as tobacco ingredients in American-blend cigarettes to replenish the sugars lost during curing of the Burley component of the blended tobacco in order to maintain a balanced flavor. Chemical-analytical studies of the mainstream smoke of research cigarettes with various sugar application levels revealed(More)
The effects of long-term use of nicotine per se on cancer risk, in the absence of tobacco extract or smoke, are not clearly understood. This review evaluates the strength of published scientific evidence, in both epidemiological and animal studies, for the potential carcinogenic effects of nicotine per se; that is to act as a complete carcinogen or as a(More)
In the beginning, in the 1950's and 1960's the tone ruling international literature was there are no possibilities for producing hybrids in swine breeding, in contrast to poultry breeding. Since that time more and more experience proved what we can lose by purebred breeding. This breeding method, the continuous pig hybridization shows the most economical(More)
A comparison of two methods for estimation of variance component, MIVQUE and REML, was carried out on four data sets with Monte Carlo simulation. The model used was the sire model containing herd-year-season(HYS) effect (fixed), sire group effect(fixed) and sire effect(random), which is widely used in dairy cattle breeding. The largest data set consisted of(More)
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