Hans Johann Glock

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Language's intentional nature has been highlighted as a crucial feature distinguishing it from other communication systems. Specifically, language is often thought to depend on highly structured intentional action and mutual mindreading by a communicator and recipient. Whilst similar abilities in animals can shed light on the evolution of intentionality,(More)
Retention of the fetal membranes in bovines is frequently accompanied by necrosis of the caruncles. This is dependent on the kind of bacterial contamination and seems to be of regional variety. Necrosis of the caruncles requires extirpation which is the only treatment to save life, fertility and economic benefit of the animal. Following extirpation(More)
My paper takes issue both with the standard view that the Tractatus contains a correspondence theory and with recent suggestions that it features a deflationary or semantic theory. Standard correspondence interpretations are mistaken, because they treat the isomorphism between a sentence and what it depicts as a sufficient condition of truth rather than of(More)
There is a venerable tradition according to which the concept of truth is totally independent of human beings, their actions and beliefs, because truth consists in the correspondence of mindindependentpropositions to a mind-independent reality. For want of arespect. One way of doing so is relativism, the idea that whether a belief is true or false depends(More)
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