Hans-Joerg Balzer

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It is known that Anaplasma (A.) platys, the causative agent of infectious canine cyclic thrombocytopenia, is endemic in countries of the Mediterranean basin. However, few reports are available from the Balkans. This case report describes a dog, which was imported from Croatia to Germany in May 2010. One month later the dog was presented to a local(More)
The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate the prevalence of feline haemotropic mycoplasmas in Germany, to determine probable risk factors for these infections and to compare the diagnostic value of microscopic examination of blood smears to polymerase chain reaction (PCR). For the prevalence study, convenience samples (Ethylene diamine-tetraacetic(More)
BACKGROUND Individual enteropathogen infections in healthy and clinically ill cats are well described, but prevalence and patterns of enteropathogen co-infection have only been reported on a limited basis. We studied enteropathogen co-infection in diarrhoeic UK cats using results of a real time PCR assay for 8 enteropathogenic species; feline coronavirus(More)
Oleosins are proteins associated with lipid bodies mainly synthesised during seed development. Using a subtractive hybridisation approach two new members of the oleosin gene family of Arabidopsis thaliana have been isolated. The quantitative and temporal expression patterns of both genes are found to be affected in the fus3 mutant defective in late(More)
1. Reserpin, Chlorpromazin, Prenylamin und Imipramin werden sowohl von den isolierten Vesikeln des sarkoplasmatischen Reticulums (quergestreifte Muskulatur von Kaninchen) als auch von den aus diesen mit Chloro-form-Methanol (2:1) extrahierten Lipiden gebunden. 2. Bei einer Konzentration von 10−4 M werden Reserpin, Chlorpromazin und Prenylamin von dem(More)
  • H. Balzer
  • Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology
  • 1972
Quinidine and drugs with quinidine-like action (propranolol, verapamil and the local anaesthetic, tetracaine) inhibit the active calcium transport system in isolated vesicles of sarcoplasmic reticulum from rabbit skeletal muscle. 1. 10−3M quinidine, propranolol or verapamil or 3×10−3M tetracaine are required to produce 50% inhibition of the net calcium(More)
1. Reserpin, Prenylamin, Chlorpromazin und Imipramin hemmen sowohl die Geschwindigkeit der Calcium-Aufnahme als auch die der Calcium-induzierten Extra-ATP-Spaltung an isolierten Vesikelmembranen des sarkoplasmatischen Reticulums von quergestreifter Muskulatur des Kaninchens. Die für eine 50%ige Hemmung erforderlichen Konzentrationen betragen beim Reserpin,(More)
To isolate genes specifically expressed at the initiation of plant embryo development we have applied a sensitive subtractive hybridization technique for three isogenic wheat lines of the so-called ‘Salmon system’ with either zygotic or autonomous embryo development. Here we present a gene sequence showing a high homology to grass pollen allergens of type(More)
Reserpin fiihrt zu einer Freisetzung von 5-Oxytryptam~n (Serotonin) im Gehirn (BRODIE U. Mitarb.). In der hypothalamisehen Region nimmt auch der Noradrenalingehalt ab (P~tso~EN u. VOGT; ItOLZBAtrE~ U. VOOT). Es entsteht die Frage, ob urs~chliche Beziehungen zwisehen bestimmten zentralen Wirkungen des Rauwolfiaalkaloids und der Freisetzung kSrpereigener(More)