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Clinical studies reported frequent failure with anterior instrumented multilevel cervical corpectomies. Hence, posterior augmentation was recommended but necessitates a second approach. Thus, an author group evaluated the feasibility, pull-out characteristics, and accuracy of anterior transpedicular screw (ATPS) fixation. Although first success with(More)
In general terms, our research objectives concern the physical problems involved in the generation, propagation, and absorption of sound and vibrations in matter. Specifically , our program of study includes: 1. Acoustics of moving media. 2. Acoustical studies of molecular structure of liquids. 3. Generation of very high frequency sound waves(More)
The object of this experiment was to measure the attenuation of sound waves in commercial aluminum as a function of temperature in the range between the temperature of boiling nitrogen (78*K) and room temperature (300'K). Several attenuation mechanisms have been known for some time; for instance, thermal loss mechanisms, which occur when a solid is(More)
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