Hans Joachim Wilke

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Intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration is an often investigated pathophysiological condition because of its implication in causing low back pain. As human material for such studies is difficult to obtain because of ethical and government regulatory restriction, animal tissue, organs and in vivo models have often been used for this purpose. However, there(More)
PURPOSE Patients with locally advanced gastric cancer benefit from combined pre- and postoperative chemotherapy, although fewer than 50% could receive postoperative chemotherapy. We examined the value of purely preoperative chemotherapy in a phase III trial with strict preoperative staging and surgical resection guidelines. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients(More)
UNLABELLED Percutaneous dilational tracheostomy (PDT), according to Ciaglia's technique described in 1985, has become the most popular technique for percutaneous tracheostomy and is demonstrably as safe as surgical tracheostomy. In 1999, an extensively modified technique of PDT was introduced, the Ciaglia Blue Rhino (CBR; Cook Critical Care, Bloomington,(More)
BACKGROUND Patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation are not uncommon in a cardiosurgical intensive care unit. Elective tracheostomy is considered the airway treatment of choice in these patients. METHODS To evaluate different techniques for tracheostomy, we prospectively investigated 120 patients who had conventional open (n = 40), minimally(More)
There is a gap between in vitro and clinical studies concerning performance of spinal disc prosthesis. Retrieval studies may help to bridge this gap by providing more detailed information about motion characteristics, wear properties and osseous integration. Here, we report on the radiographic, mechanical, histological properties of a cervical spine segment(More)
Long term occupational exposure to trace concentrations of volatile anaesthetics is thought to have adverse effects on the health of exposed personnel. In contrast with halothane--an agent likely to cause mutagenic effects and proven to be teratogenic--isoflurane and enflurane have not so far been proved to have adverse effects on the health of personnel(More)
Sevoflurane is a comparatively recent addition to the range of inhalational anaesthetics which has been recently released for clinical use. In comparison to older inhalational agents such as isoflurane or halothane, the most important property of sevoflurane is its low solubility in the blood. This results in a more rapid uptake and induction than the(More)
BACKGROUND Purpose of this study was to determine the spinal shrinkage in several activities of daily life and to assess a relationship with intradiscal pressure during these activities. Low back pain is thought to be related to spinal load. In a clinical evaluation of low back pain as provoked by everyday activities, we found a relationship between the(More)
Die perkutane Tracheotomie in Dilatationstechnik (PDT), ist eine leicht und rasch erlernbare Methode, die in den letzten Jahren eine weite Verbreitung gefunden hat. Ein Vorteil der PDT ist, daß sie mit relativ wenig Zeit-, Material-, und Personalaufwand auf der Intensivstation durchgeführt werden kann. Ziel der vorliegenden klinischen Studie war, die(More)
With regard to the literature, several factors are considered to have an impact on postoperative mobility after lumbar total disc replacement (TDR). As TDR results in a distraction of the ligamentous structures, theoretically the postoperatively disc height and ligamentous integrity have also an influence on biomechanics of a treated segment. The purpose of(More)