Hans-Joachim Radü

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A study was conducted to compare the new MED-EL TEMPO+ ear-level speech processor with the CIS PRO+ body-worn processor in the COMBI 40/COMBI 40+ implant system. Speech tests were performed in 46 experienced subjects in two test sessions approximately 4 weeks apart. Subjects were switched over from the CIS PRO+ to the TEMPO+ in the first session and used(More)
A total of 1528 pre-school children (mean age 4 years and 9 months), being identified as speech or language delayed, were evaluated with respect to micro-otoscopy, nose and throat pathology, hearing function, and speech-language abilities. Subjects were classified into groups of (I) constant normal hearing, (II) fluctuating conductive hearing loss and (III)(More)
BACKGROUND A considerable percentage of patients with reflux laryngitis do not respond to conventional treatment with proton pump inhibitors or prokinetics. At the present time, the reasons for this are not well known. PURPOSE To investigate whether nocturnal reflux associated with sleep-related respiratory disorders is the cause of refractory laryngitis.(More)
The consensus statement published by the German Society for Phoniatry and Paedaudiology in the year 2000 has been revised and actualized. The revised version takes into account current scientific and clinical findings. Aspects of the definition of auditory processing disorders (APD) are described extensively. These include symptoms, anamnestic information(More)
To evaluate and possibly improve the hearing aid fittings of children attending the Westphalian School for the Hearing Impaired or the Westphalian School for the Deaf, regular pedaudiologic consulting hours were established at both schools. During a 2-year period, 115 children were examined once, 35 children twice, and 5 children three times. The(More)
A new method for evaluation of hearing threshold in babies is presented. The method does not require much time, cost or personnel and is practicable for infants up to about 12 months. It is based on synchronous electrical registration of sucking and breathing activities as well as of eye movements evoked by acoustic stimuli. Sucking and breathing are(More)
  • H J Radü
  • 1986
Hearing losses of different etiology can impair the individual development during the entire childhood. Especially moderate hearing losses are difficult to diagnose because they rather present as speech or learning disorders. From the paedaudiologist's view methods are printed out for an early detection of hearing loss during childhood.
Multichannel infant reflex audiometry, applicable up to about 1 year of age, is based on the simultaneous registration of sucking and breathing activities and of eye movements together with marks which indicate the side, beginning, and end of the stimulus. Sucking and breathing are reduced or altered by suprathreshold stimuli. The threshold of responses is(More)