Hans-Joachim Picht

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In shared use clusters, scheduling systems must schedule both serial and parallel jobs in a fair manner, while at the same time optimizing overall cluster efficiency. Since serial and parallel jobs conflict considerably, scheduling both types of jobs concurrently is a difficult task. Two major strategies are in common use: partitioning the cluster (thus(More)
Security and data integrity are important aspects in the fields of Grid and cluster computing. When these two areas are combined, the security issues intermingle and new security concepts are needed to ensure protection of both Grid users and local cluster users. In this paper, a novel dual laned Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to protect local clusters from Grid(More)
Reducing the cost for business or scientific computations, is a commonly expressed goal in today’s companies. Using the available computers of local employees or the outsourcing of such computations are two obvious solutions to save money for additional hardware. Both possibilities exhibit security related disadvantages, since the deployed software and data(More)
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