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PURPOSE Preoperative chemotherapy is an accepted standard in the treatment of localized esophagogastric adenocarcinoma. Adding radiation therapy to preoperative chemotherapy appears promising, but its definitive value remains unknown. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with locally advanced (uT3-4NXM0) adenocarcinoma of the lower esophagus or gastric cardia(More)
PURPOSE Combined chemoradiotherapy with and without surgery are widely accepted alternatives for the curative treatment of patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer. The value of adding surgery to chemotherapy and radiotherapy is unknown. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the esophagus were(More)
Pain syndromes of the lumbar spine are one of the main problems in orthopedic practice. The therapeutic effect of NSAIDs is not subject to doubt in this connection. But considering that the application of NSAIDs is frequently associated with side effects, a reduction of dosage would be to the patient's benefit. Clinical studies have shown that concomitant(More)
In this phase II multicenter trial, 67 evaluable patients with advanced measurable gastric carcinoma were treated with a combination of etoposide, Adriamycin (doxorubicin; Adria Laboratories, Columbus, OH), and cisplatin (EAP). The overall response rate was 64%, including 21% complete responses (CRs). In 55 patients with metastatic disease, 31 responses(More)
Postprandial glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), pancreatic glucagon, and insulin were measured in 27 tumor-free patients 43 months (median) after total gastrectomy and in four controls using a 99technetium-labeled 100-g carbohydrate solid test meal. Emptying of the gastric substitute was measured by scintigraphy. Fourteen patients suffered from early dumping(More)
Alpha(2)-Adrenoceptors are supposed to be important regulatory elements in responses to stress. Previous receptor binding studies in male tree shrews have shown that chronic psychosocial stress down-regulates binding sites for alpha(2)-adrenergic ligands in several brain stem nuclei. The aim of the present study was to quantify effects of chronic(More)
In a prospective multicentre study of 2394 patients with gastric carcinoma the prognostic relevance of systematic lymph node dissection was evaluated. Of 1654 patients undergoing resection, 558 had a standard lymph node dissection, defined as fewer than 26 nodes in the specimen, and 1096 underwent radical lymphadenectomy, i.e. 26 or more nodes in the(More)
Body composition, postprandial symptoms, and social performance were assessed in 41 patients who were free of tumors 16 to 63 months (median, 41 months) after total gastrectomy with Roux-en-Y esophagojejunostomy (n = 15) or jejunal interposition (n = 26). There were no significant differences with respect to age, sex, initial tumor stage, interval since(More)
The expression of the Her2/neu gene product p185 was retrospectively analyzed in 58 patients with gastric carcinoma. The results were correlated to various clinicopathological and prognostic factors. Positive membrane staining for p185 could be detected in 38% of the patients (22/58). Membrane staining was significantly greater in well and moderately(More)