Hans-Joachim Menzel

Mauro H Chagas2
Leszek A Szmuchrowski2
Silvia R S Araujo1
Leopoldo Paolucci1
2Mauro H Chagas
2Leszek A Szmuchrowski
1Silvia R S Araujo
1Leopoldo Paolucci
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Assessment of lower extremity bilateral asymmetries in soccer players is important for both injury prevention and performance. The purpose of this investigation was to compare isokinetic knee extensor assessment of asymmetry with a more specific countermovement jump (CMJ). Forty-six Brazilian male professional soccer players participated in this study. The(More)
The aim of this study was to present a new training algorithm using artificial neural networks called multi-objective least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (MOBJ-LASSO) applied to the classification of dynamic gait patterns. The movement pattern is identified by 20 characteristics from the three components of the ground reaction force which are(More)
The objective was to estimate the reliability and criterion-related validity of the Jump-and-Reach Test for the assessment of squat, countermovement, and drop jump performance of 32 male Brazilian professional volleyball players. Performance of squat, countermovement, and drop jumps with different dropping heights was assessed on the Jump-and-Reach Test and(More)
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