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Effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy on brain activation in specific phobia
Little is known about the effects of successful psychotherapy on brain function in subjects with anxiety disorders. The present study aimed to identify changes in brain activation followingExpand
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Effect of task conditions on brain responses to threatening faces in social phobics: An event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging study
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to identify brain activation to socially threatening stimuli in social phobic subjects during different experimental conditions. METHODS With event-relatedExpand
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Magnetic susceptibility-weighted MR phase imaging of the human brain.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE MR gradient echo imaging is sensitive to the magnetic susceptibility of different tissue types. The purpose of this study was to investigate the diagnostic potential of MRExpand
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Waiting for spiders: Brain activation during anticipatory anxiety in spider phobics
Anticipatory anxiety during expectation of phobogenic stimuli is an integral part of abnormal behaviour in phobics. The neural basis of anticipatory anxiety in specific phobia is unknown. UsingExpand
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Common and Distinct Brain Activation to Threat and Safety Signals in Social Phobia
Background: Little is known about the functional neuroanatomy underlying the processing of emotional stimuli in social phobia. Objectives: To investigate specific brain activation that is associatedExpand
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Neural Mechanisms of Automatic and Direct Processing of Phobogenic Stimuli in Specific Phobia
BACKGROUND The study aimed to identify brain activation during direct and automatic processing of phobogenic stimuli in specific phobia. METHODS Responses to phobia-related and neutral picturesExpand
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Brain activation to phobia-related pictures in spider phobic humans: an event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging study
Using event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging we investigated blood oxygen level dependent brain activation in spider phobic and non-phobic subjects while exposed to phobia-relatedExpand
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Modulation of the neural network involved in the processing of anger prosody: The role of task-relevance and social phobia
Individuals with social phobia display neural hyperactivation towards angry facial expressions. However, it is uncertain whether they also show abnormal brain responses when processing angry voices.Expand
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Challenging the anterior attentional system with a continuous performance task: a functional magnetic resonance imaging approach
Abstract Combining the Continuous Performance Test (CPT) with a modern functional imaging technique provides a powerful tool for investigating neurophysiological processes in the human brain. ThereExpand
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Time-resolved functional 1H MR spectroscopic detection of glutamate concentration changes in the brain during acute heat pain stimulation
Non-invasive in vivo detection of cortical neurotransmitter concentrations and their changes in the presence of pain may help to better understand the biochemical principles of pain processing in theExpand
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