Hans-Joachim Heine

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The observations demonstrate that mast cells do not only show intimate morphological associations to peripheral nerve fibers but also contact basement membranes of capillaries and cell surface coats of organ parenchyma cells. Interpreting these results as a neuro-hormonale feedback system mast cells might be regarded as both receptor organs and regulators(More)
Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) arises in the cytoplasm during viral replication and was shown to participate in the interferon (IFN)-alpha induction process. Besides the intracellular recognition, released dsRNA from dying, infected cells can function as a pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP) for the innate immune system. In the present study, in(More)
An epidemiologic study of 1019 males, aged 45 to 59, included clinical and psychologic assessment, using Jenkins' questionnaire (JAS) and Freiburg personality identification questionnaire (FPI). Myocardial infarction survivors differed significantly from normal individuals by a number of psychological scores, such as depression, psychosomatic disturbances,(More)
Following the suckling period, four groups of male four-week-old spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) were fed semisynthetic diets with 14% (by weight) of either sunflower seed oil [46% 18∶2(n−6); linoleic acid (LA)-rich], linseed oil [62.5% 18∶3(n−3)+12.9% 18∶2(n−6); α-linolenic acid (LNA)-rich], evening primrose oil [9.2% 18∶3(n−6)+71% 18∶2(n−6);(More)
15 volunteers were put on a mackerel (MD) and herring diet (HD) for 2 weeks in a cross-over design. At the end of the dietary periods eicosa-pentaenoic acid (EPA) was predominantly incorporated into cholesterol esters (CE), whereas docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) appeared more in triglycerides (TG). This was more pronounced after MD as compared to HD. After MD a(More)
The Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome is characterized by various symptoms related to hemiatrophy of the cerebrum and hypertrophy of the ipsilateral calvarium and paranasal sinuses. Clinical findings include hemiparesis or hemiplegia, seizures and/or mental retardation. The present report discusses the very unusual case of a late-diagnosed Dyke-Davidoff-Masson(More)
The appendices epiploicae of the colon wall are constituted of three morphologically different types: stalked appendices and others which are attached with their base in longitudinal and vertical direction to the colon axis. The appendices have a characteristic blood supply which varies with the different forms. In difference to other regions of the(More)
The GDR-MONICA project comprises 25 administratively defined areas with a population of nearly two million people aged 25-64. Data from the first random sample survey are reported here. The survey gathered information regarding risk factors, dietary behaviour, physical activity and psychosocial factors from 11,281 persons aged 25-64. The average risk factor(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to compare 24-gauge Sprotte and 25-gauge Quincke needles with respect to post dural puncture headache and backache. METHODS Three hundred ASA Physical Status I or II patients scheduled for minor orthopedic or urologic operations under spinal anesthesia were chosen for this randomized, prospective study at a(More)