Hans-Joachim Goltz

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We investigated the accuracy of sequential saccadic eye movements, executed without visual feedback. We found evidence that the final error of one saccade is corrected during the next, which supports the existence of extraretinal inputs to the saccadic generator. The corrections, however, were incomplete, which suggests that extraretinal signals are only(More)
Using Constraint Logic Programming, we develop methods, techniques and concepts for combined interactive and automatic timetabling. An exemples application of our timetabling system proved successful, thus demonstrating the suitability of the methods used. This paper focuses on methods for generating timetables for practical courses. This is a subproblem of(More)
Constraint logic programming with linear constraints over nite integer domains, CLP(FD), has been established as a practical tool for solving discrete scheduling problems. A scheduling problem can be suitably modelled in terms of a set of constraints. To generate a solution, however, a search is neccessary, and the choice of an adequate strategy is a(More)
Static schedules are used in safety critical systems to achieve predictable, real-time behavior. While it was possible to construct static schedules manually for simple, single-core systems, the increase in complexity introduced by multicore processors and the demand for flexible and dynamic engineering processes in the avionics domain, require a novel(More)