Hans-Joachim G. Jung

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An active pedestrian protection system is required to operate in real-time and produce an extremely low false alarm. To achieve these requirements, Broggi et al. detected critical areas using a laser scanner and found pedestrians only in these areas via a camera. However, using heterogeneous sensors requires complicated system architecture and laser(More)
NMR methods can be used to delineate detailed structural and regiochemical information on the plant cell wall and elucidate biochemical incorporation pathways. Maize lignin isolated in high yield from rind tissue of stem internodes contained high amounts of esterified p-coumaric acid. Available literature indicated that acylation of the lignin by p-coumaric(More)
−This paper proposes a stereo vision-based forward obstacle detection and distance measurement method. In general, stereo vision-based obstacle detection methods in automotive applications can be classified into two categories: IPM (Inverse Perspective Mapping)-based and disparity histogram-based. The existing disparity histogram-based method was developed(More)
The acid detergent lignin and Klason lignin methods were compared for their correlation with forage digestibility. Thirty-six forages, including C3 legumes and C3 and C4 grasses, were analyzed for sulfuric acid detergent lignin, Klason lignin, and in vitro digestibilities of dry matter (DM) and neutral detergent fiber (NDF). Twenty of these forages were(More)
Production of energy from renewable biomass resources would reduce atmospheric CO 2 increase associated with fossil fuel use. The objective of this study was to evaluate the energy potential of a thermochemical conversion platform of three herbaceous biomass crops. The biomass crops tested were stems of alfalfa, a legume, and whole herbage of reed(More)
  • N J Delgado, Casler, C R Grau, H G Jung, Cooper
  • 2002
over, the cell walls of some plants are modified by phe-nolic deposits in response to infection. Papillae or cell Increased digestibility of smooth bromegrass is associated with a wall apposition formation in epidermal cells of grasses, reduction in lignin concentration or etherified ferulic acid (EthFA) rich in lignin or lignin-like compounds, have been(More)
Evaluation of biomass crops for breeding or pricing purposes requires an assay that predicts performance in the bioenergy conversion process. Cell wall polysaccharide hydrolysis was compared for a dilute sulfuric acid pretreatment at 121°C followed with cellulase hydrolysis for 72 h conversion assay (CONV) with in vitro rumen microflora incubation for 72 h(More)
A method to construct a hierarchical template tree for pedestrian contour detection by iteratively applying a k-medoid clustering algorithm from the lowest level to the highest level was recently proposed and received much attention. Analysed here is the limitation of the method using lower level medoids as points of the next higher level, and proposed is a(More)
Maize (Zea mays L.) stover and cobs are potential feedstock sources for cellulosic ethanol production. Nitrogen (N) fertilization is an important management decision that influences cellulosic biomass and grain production, but its effect on cell wall composition and subsequent cellulosic ethanol production is not known. The objectives of this study were to(More)
  • B J Moon, H G Jung, S G Lee, D H Kim
  • 2014
−This paper describes a parallel model-based fault detection algorithm for an electronic parking brake (EPB) system, which consists of an electronic control unit with built-in current sensor and braking force sensor. For the EPB system to supply sufficient parking force to a vehicle, the parking force sensor is of utmost importance. If a fault occurs in(More)