Hans Joachim Eggers

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After an 8-day-old child had died with clinical signs of septicemia, 6 other newborns fell ill. Virus was isolated from various sites from all the 6 children (28 isolations). The agent was identified by cross neutralization tests as an antigenic variant of Echovirus 11. The agent could not be isolated from mothers or nursery staff (49 people). We therefore(More)
Non-structural protein 2C is known to play a fundamental role in the replication of picornaviruses. Sequence analyses revealed that 2C belongs to a rapidly expanding group of proteins containing a consensus sequence for nucleotide binding (NTB). We report that echovirus 9 polypeptide 2C displays NTPase activity in vitro. In our experiments, several P2 genes(More)
The nucleotide sequence of a highly variant of the encephalomyocarditis virus, PV21, was determined. Discounting the poly(A) tail the viral genome is 7.861 kb in length, including a poly(C) region of 157 or 158 nucleotides. The sequence differs in 38 positions from another virulent EMCV variant, EMCV-R (1). However, the PV21 sequence shows only 85% identity(More)
The reported AIDS cases in the USA and the Federal Republic of Germany are growing almost exponentially. Considering the epidemiological curves for different risk groups (homosexual men, i.v. drug abusers, heterosexual partners etc.) it is extremely surprising, that nearly exactly the same development occurs in all risk groups. One only has to consider a(More)
The encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus-induced diabetes-like syndrome in mouse inbred strains was used as a model to study the insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Our investigations were performed with two EMC virus variants, PV2 and PV7. After infection of SJL mice with 10(5) PFU of PV2 about 70% of the animals developed a diabetes-like syndrome,(More)
N(1)-isonicotinoyl-N(2)-3-methyl-4-chlorobenzoylhydrazine (IMCBH) is a selective inhibitor of vaccinia virus multiplication. In concentrations up to 50 microg/ml, IMCBH causes neither toxic morphologic changes, nor does it inhibit the multiplication of cells. Viruses other than vaccinia are not affected by IMCBH. The virus-inhibitory effect of IMCBH is(More)