Hans J. Thiele

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We discuss options for upgrading coarse wavelength-division multiplexed (CWDM) optical access links over standard single-mode fiber (SSMF) by increasing per-channel data rates from 2.5 to 10 Gb/s. We identify electronic equalization and forward error correction (FEC) as the enabling technologies to overcome the dispersion limit of SSMF. In addition, we show(More)
An enzymeimmunoassay (EIA) for unconjugated estriol was developed. Estriol-6-CMO-BSA was used as antigen for the antiserum production with low cross reactivities to estrone (0.3%) and estradiol (0.17%). The enzyme conjugate (estriol-peroxidase) was prepared using the mixed anhydride reaction. The antibody bound estriol fraction was separated from the free(More)
Uncooled 2.5-Gb/s directly modulated lasers are used to demonstrate a coarse wavelength-division-multiplexed (CWDM) transmission capacity of 160 Gb/s. All 16 CWDM channels, modulated at 10 Gb/s, are simultaneously transmitted over 40 km of uncompensated low-water-peak nonzero dispersion fiber. Operation with bit-error ratio BER 1 9 is demonstrated for all(More)
A sensitive, solid phase enzyme immunoassay for the determination of aldosterone in plasma and saliva has been developed. For this purpose anti-aldosterone coated tubes were used. The enzyme marker was a covalently linked aldosterone/horseradish peroxidase conjugate. The assay had a limit of detection of 5 pg/assay tube. The test requires neither centrifuge(More)
Issuing from the classical definitions for the diagnostic sensitivity and specifity of examination methods in multiphasic screenings is deduced that out of the whole methodical spectre of internal specialities only limited parts are to be applied in multiphasic screenings. At the instance of a multiple multiphasic screenings (model study Sternberg '70) ways(More)