Hans-J Schlitt

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To establish a suitable control for pancreatic tumor cell lines, we have isolated and cultured primary human pancreatic duct cells from transplant donors. Duct cells were isolated by dissecting the main pancreatic duct and first-degree branches and enzymatic digestion. Aggregates of cells were cultured for 1 up to 5 weeks and monitored for changes in(More)
BACKGROUND Transplantation of bone marrow derived adult stem cells (BMC) improves cardiac function after acute myocardial infarction (MI). However, the cell population mediating myocardial recovery and the fate of the transplanted cells are still controversial. AIMS We determined the effects of Sca-1+ c-kit+ lin- haematopoietic BMC on cardiac function(More)
AIM To test the hypothesis that enhancement of the activity of heme oxygenase can interfere with processes of fibrogenesis associated with recurrent liver injury, we investigated the therapeutic potential of over-expression of heme oxygense-1 in a CCl(4)-induced micronodular cirrhosis model. METHODS Recombinant adeno-associated viruses carrying rat HO-1(More)
Administering immunoregulatory cells as medicinal agents is a revolutionary approach to the treatment of immunologically mediated diseases. Isolating, propagating, and modifying cells before applying them to patients allows complementation of specific cellular functions, which opens astonishing new possibilities for gain-of-function antigen-specific(More)
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