Hans-J. Lenz

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The relative proportions of the diphytanyl, monophytanyl and nonphytanyl triglycerides ("triglyceride pattern"), the phytanic acid content of the triglycerides and the phytanic acid levels in the serum of 3 patients with Refsum's disease (heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis, phytanic acid storage disease) were estimated by thin-layer chromatography,(More)
This is a study of the physical performance and injury rate for seven classes of women midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy. Women comprise only 6.2% of the brigade of midshipmen, but men and women live in the same dormitory, undergo the same physical training and fitness tests, study the same academic curriculum, and live in an environment where(More)
One facet of data quality is the integrity of data. Most main business and economic indicators suffer from statistical discrepancies. Such indicators are modeled as random variables and related by a non-linear stochastic system of equations. In order to check integrity of data with respect to a fully specified model consisting of balance equations or(More)
A report is given on a 18 year old girl with a Kleine-Levin-syndrome, which was studied 4 years after beginning in the menarche. At first there were only attacks of nausea and vertigo. One year later the attacks were combined with hypersomnia for several hours. Remarkable was a minimal overirritability of the right vestibular system and a slight(More)