Hans J J M van Delden

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A device for the in-home detection of nocturnal seizures is currently being developed in the Netherlands, to improve care for patients with severe epilepsy. It is recognized that the design of medical technology is not value neutral: perspectives of users and developers are influential in design, and design choices influence these perspectives. However,(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the epidemiological, virological, and institutional characteristics of influenza-like illness (ILI) in nursing homes (NHs). DESIGN Continuous clinical surveillance of ILI and virological surveillance of ILI and other acute respiratory infections (ARIs) during four influenza seasons. SETTING National sentinel NH surveillance(More)
Patient characteristics may influence medical decision making in various ways. The contribution of several patient characteristics to medical decision making was studied. Thirty oncologists, 29 nursing home physicians, and 22 cardiologists were interviewed (overall response = 60%). Respondents were asked whether they would apply a specified intervention for(More)
Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process of discussing and recording patient preferences concerning goals for end-of-life care and to facilitate decision-making. ACP is an essential element of care for frail elderly patients because frailty increases the risks of negative health outcomes and loss of function. In this article, we present three patient(More)
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