Hans-Jürgen Winkler

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– symbols consisting of a center part (such as " a " , – symbols consisting of a center part as well as an upper and a lower part (such as " f " , " ∫ " , ...): g = 0.5. – symbols consisting of a center and an upper part – symbols consisting of a center and a lower part (such as " g " , " p " , " q " , ...): g = 0.75. Fig. 5 illustrates the usefulness of(More)
In this paper an efficient on-line recognition system for symbols within handwritten mathematical expressions is proposed. The system is based on the generation of a symbol hypotheses net and the classification of the elements within the net. The final classification is done by calculating the most probable path through the net under regard of the stroke(More)
This paper addresses the problem of recognizing on-line sampled handwritten symbols. Within the proposed symbol recognition system based on Hidden Markov Models different kinds of feature extraction algorithms are used analysing on-line features as well as off-line features and combining the classification results. By conducting writer-dependent recognition(More)
In this paper a soft-decision approach for symbol segmenta-tion within on-line sampled handwritten mathematical expressions is presented. Based on stroke-specific features as well as geometrical features between the strokes a symbol hypotheses net is generated. For assistance additional knowledge obtained by a symbol prerecognition stage is used. The(More)
This paper is concerned with the symbol segmentation and recognition task in the context of on-line sampled handwritten mathematical expressions, the first processing stage of an overall system for understanding arithmetic formulas. Within our system a statistical approach is used tolerating ambiguities within the decision stages and resolving them either(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present an applicable approach for the valuation of in-plant logistics efficiency. Therefore, we developed a time-based efficiency concept that considers all relevant time losses when executing production logistics processes. The occurring delays are captured in real-time using modern auto-ID-technologies. For the valuation(More)
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