Hans-Jürgen Bürckert

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We introduce a new subclass of Allen's interval algebra we call “ORD-Horn subclass,” which is a strict superset of the “pointisable subclass.” We prove that reasoning in the ORD-Horn subclass is a polynomial-time problem and show that the path-consistency method is sufficient for deciding satisfiability. Further, using an extensive(More)
This note reports about the implementation of AC-unification algorithms, based on the variable-abstraction method of Stickel and on the constant-abstraction method of Livesey, Siekmann, and Herold. We give a set of 105 benchmark examples and compare execution times for implementations of the two approaches. This documents for other researchers what we(More)
A critical problem in an intermodal transport chain is the direct meet at the transhipment nodes. This requires information technology and modern communication facilities as well as close collaboration between all the concerned transport operators in the chain. The TELETRUCK system – currently under development at the German Research Center for Artificial(More)
Feature logics are the logical basis for so-called uniication grammars studied in computational linguistics. We investigate the expressivity of feature terms with negation and the functional uncertainty construct needed for the description of long-distance dependencies and obtain the following results: satissability of feature terms is undecidable, sort(More)
We investigate the following classes of equational theories which are important in unification theory: permutative, finite, Noetherian, simple, almost collapse free, collapse free, regular, and O-free theories. We show some relationships between the particular classes and their connections to the unification hierarchy. Especially, we study conditions, under(More)