Hans-Jürgen Auth

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Epoxomicin (1), a peptide alpha',beta'-epoxyketone isolated from the actinomycete strain No.Q996-17, possesses potent in vivo anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory activities. In this paper, we report the first syntheses of epoxomicin, [3H]-epoxomicin, and a biotinylated epoxomicin analog as well as the absolute configuration of the epoxide stereocenter. The(More)
Derivatives of the epoxy-beta-aminoketone containing natural product eponemycin have been prepared in order to study the molecular mode of action of this anti-angiogenic compound. Synthesis and use of a biotinylated dihydroeponemycin analogue demonstrated that dihydroeponemycin forms a covalent adduct with at least two intracellular proteins in human(More)
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