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A method for capturing high intensity dynamic range scenes with a low dynamic range camera consists in taking a series of images with dierent exposure settings and combining these into a single high dynamic range image. The combined image values are found by weighted averaging of values from the dierently exposed images on a per-pixel basis. This paper(More)
This paper introduces a new method to determine a person's pose based on laser range measurements. Such estimates are typically a prerequisite for any human-aware robot navigation, which is the basis for effective and timeextended interaction between a mobile robot and a human. The robot uses observed information from a laser range finder to detect persons(More)
This paper presents a trajectory planning algorithm for a robot operating in dynamic human environments. Environments such as pedestrian streets, hospital corridors, train stations or airports. We formulate the problem as planning a minimal cost trajectory through a potential field, defined from the perceived position and motion of persons in the(More)
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Colour is an important and useful feature for object tracking and recognition in computer vision. However, it has the difficulty that the colour of the object changes if the illumi-nant colour changes. But under known illuminant colour it becomes a robust feature. There are more and more computer vision applications tracking humans, for example in(More)
A qualitative research study was conducted to describe and analyze farmers' perspectives on their own choices regarding decisions to have cows treated for mastitis. Through qualitative research interviews of 16 Danish dairy farmers, four levels of the decision-making process used by farmers to decide whether or not to treat a cow with antibiotics were(More)
The knowledge of the illuminant colour exposing an object or a scenario is very useful for computer vision and allows much more reliable colour based recognition and interpretation. In many computer vision applications humans are important parts of the scenario and the obvious detection of human skin colour is difficult due to varying illumination. Under(More)
For robots to be able coexist with people in future everyday human environments, they must be able to act in a safe, natural and comfortable way. This work addresses the motion of a mobile robot in an environment, where humans potentially want to interact with it. The designed system consists of three main components: a Kalman filter‐ based algorithm that(More)