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A Design Space of Visualization Tasks
We propose a visualization task design space for climate impact research based on structured interviews with eight domain experts. Expand
The Design Space of Implicit Hierarchy Visualization: A Survey
In this paper, we survey the design space for this class of visualization techniques. Expand
StratomeX: Visual Analysis of Large‐Scale Heterogeneous Genomics Data for Cancer Subtype Characterization
We present an integrative visualization tool that allows investigators to explore the relationships of candidate subtypes across multiple genomic data types such as gene expression, DNA methylation, or copy number data. Expand
Treevis.net: A Tree Visualization Reference
  • Hans-Jörg Schulz
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
  • 1 November 2011
Tree visualization is one of the best-studied areas of information visualization; researchers have developed more than 200 visualization and layout techniques for trees. Expand
Characterizing Guidance in Visual Analytics
Visual analytics (VA) is typically applied in scenarios where complex data has to be analyzed. Expand
Empfehlungen zur Durchführung und Auswertung polygraphischer Ableitungen im diagnostischen Schlaflabor
C. Baumgartner, Wien L. Deecke, Wien R. Dengler, Hannover J. Dichgans, Tübingen C. E. Elger, Bonn U. Hegerl, Berlin H.-J. Heinze, Hannover W. D. Heiss, Köln W. M. Herrmann, Berlin Ch. W. Hess, BernExpand
VisBricks: Multiform Visualization of Large, Inhomogeneous Data
We introduce the VisBricks visualization approach to visualize inhomogeneities in the data space. Expand
Honeycomb: Visual Analysis of Large Scale Social Networks
We present Honeycomb, a visualization tool that is able to deal with much larger scale data (with millions of connections), which we illustrate by using a large scale social networking site as an example. Expand
A generative layout approach for rooted tree drawings
In response to the large number of existing tree layouts, generic “meta-layouts” have recently been proposed. Expand
In Situ Exploration of Large Dynamic Networks
The analysis of large dynamic networks poses a challenge in many fields, ranging from large bot-nets to social networks. Expand