Hans-Jörg Pfleiderer

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In this paper, a comprehensive pharmacokinetic model for different insulin formulations including insulin Glargine is developed based on the model proposed by Trajanoski et al. (1993). Current models show limitations for insulin Glargine due to the appearance of an uncharacteristic peak in the concentration-time evolution of plasma insulin that does not(More)
Over the last years LDPC codes became more and more popular because of their near Shannon limit error correcting performance. Structured code classes which ease decoder design have already been standardized for DVB-S2, IEEE WiMax 802.16e or WiFi. In this paper we introduce a flexible decoder architecture which can decode any structured or unstructured LDPC(More)
Mask programmable gate arrays (MPGAs) are an attractive solution to reduce design cost and turnaround time in ultra-deep submicron technologies. Several design methodologies have been proposed in the recent years for converting an evaluated field-programmable gate-array (FPGA) prototype design into an MPGA. In this paper, we investigate a predefined regular(More)