Hans Jörg Niebel

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We report the implementation of an electrostatic Einzel lens (Boersch) phase plate in a prototype transmission electron microscope dedicated to aberration-corrected cryo-EM. The combination of phase plate, C(s) corrector and Diffraction Magnification Unit (DMU) as a new electron-optical element ensures minimal information loss due to obstruction by the(More)
Carbohydrates represent a major class of biopolymers, which occur in nature either as oligosaccharides or glycoconjugates, in which the sugar moiety is linked to proteins or lipids. The significance of mass spectrometry for highly sensitive analysis of complex carbohydrates increased after the introduction of the electrospray ionization and matrix assisted(More)
In contrast to the established systems of plasmid-coded homologous ribosomal DNA (rDNA) cistrons in Escherichia coli little is known about the fate of heterologous rRNA. In order to study expression of foreign rDNA, rRNA cistrons from Proteus vulgaris were cloned in phage vector Charon 35, subcloned in pBR322 and transformed in E. coli. The inserts of two(More)
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