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In this survey the concept of hyperedge replacement is presented as an elementary approach to graph and hypergraph generation. In particular, hyperedge replacement graph grammars are discussed as a (hyper)graph-grammatical counterpart to context-free string grammars. To cover a large part of the theory of hyperedge replacement , structural properties and(More)
The aim of the paper is to introduce the notion of a transformation unit together with its interleaving semantics and to study it as a means of constructing large graph transformation systems from small ones in a structured and systematic way. A transformation unit comprises a set of rules, descriptions of initial and terminal graphs, and a control(More)
The framework of graph transformation combines the potentials and advantages of both, graphs and rules, to a single computational paradigm. In this paper we present some recent developments in applying graph transformation as a rule-based framework for the speciication and development of systems, languages, and tools. After reviewing the basic features of(More)