Hans Hermann Gerdes

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Transforming growth factor beta2 (TGF-beta2), a prototypic member of a large superfamily of multifunctional cytokines, is expressed by neurons and glial cells. Its subcellular compartmentalization and release from neurons, however, are largely unknown. Here we show that TGF-beta2 colocalizes with the trans-Golgi network marker TGN38 and a marker molecule(More)
cAMP has neutrotrophic effects in the nervous system. We have investigated whether there is a correlation between cAMP-induced neurite outgrowth and induction of chromogranin B and synapsin I gene expression. These genes encode marker proteins of distinct populations of vesicles in neurons, neuroendocrine and endocrine cells, and in addition, they contain a(More)
By tagging secretory granules with the fluorescent protein dsRed-E5, which changes its emission from green to red over time, Duncan et al. analysed the age-dependent distribution of secretory vesicles within chromaffin cells. This elegant study illustrates as never before how age is a critical factor that segregates granules with respect to their(More)
Secretogranin II, an acidic protein in the chromogranin/secretogranin family, is widely distributed in neuroendocrine secretory granules. What factors govern such widespread, yet selective, expression? The 5' deletions localized neuroendocrine cell type-specific expression to the proximal mouse secretogranin II promoter: such expression was abolished after(More)
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