Hans-Herbert Brintzinger

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The product of an Mg/CC1 4-induced reductive coupling of guaiazulene reacts with TiC1 3 · 3THF to yield, after oxidation with HClj02' R,S-8,8'-biguaiazulenide titanium dichloride, which contains a C-C bond between its two guaiazulenide ligand moieties. A similar reaction sequence starting from 3-phenyl-l,2-dihydropentalene gives unbridged(More)
In a study of the reaction system MAO/(C5H5)2ZrMe2, the size of the ion pair [(C5H5)2Zr(mu-Me)2AlMe2]+ [Me-MAO]- was determined by pulsed field-gradient NMR of its cationic moiety. A mean effective hydrodynamic radius of 12.2-12.5 A, determined from diffusion rates in benzene solution at different zirconocene and MAO concentrations, indicates that the ion(More)
A series of chiral ansa-magnesocene complexes with dimethylsilanediylor ethanediyl-bridged, substituted cyclopentadienyl or indenyl ligands, prepared in form of their THF adducts, has been structurally characterized by diffractometric crystal structure determination and by NMR studies in solution. The hapticities of the ring ligands vary between h and h ,(More)
Chiral ansa-zirconocene complexes with a trimethylene link between the Si bridge atom and an a-position of each Cs ring ligand were prepared; two representatives, with i-propyl and t-butyl groups as f3-substituents, were structurally characterized. The properties of these complexes with respect to MAO-activated propene polymerization were studied in(More)
Elastomeric poly(propylene) with low percentages of isotactic pentads and high molecular weight was synthesized using unbridged “oscillating” metallocenes. The polymer sample with the highest [mmmm] content (22%) shows a small amount of crystallinity, which is highly influenced by the thermal history, and differs significantly in stress-strain and dynamic(More)
The use of organometallic fragments as cationization reagents for matrix-assisted laser-desorption-ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) of polystyrene (PS) and polypropene (PP) is reported. Reaction of [Ru(C5H5)(NCCH3)3][PF6] (1a) with PS samples of numerical mass average Mn 1430 /135 000 in a ratio [Ru]/[PS] /1/1 to 3/1 favours(More)
Monomeric zirconocene dipicolinate complexes, which have a formal IS-electron configuration, are stable towards water and relatively inert against aqueous HO. Methylmagnesium chloride attacks these complexes at the dipicolinate carboxyl groups and subsequent reaction with aqueous HCI gives 2,6-diacetyl pyridine and the zirconocene dichloride. Other(More)
The ring-bridged chromocene carbonyl complex Mez Si(C sMe4 )zCr(CO) 1 is obtained by reaction of Me~ Si(C, MC 4 )2 Li ~ with CrCl z . THF in the presence of CO. Reaction with CO transforms the monocarbonyl complex 1 to a dicarbonyl complex MezSi(CsMe4)(Cs(endo-3-H)(2-CHz)Me3)Cr(CO)2 2; in this reaction, a hydrogen atom is shifted from one of the cx-CH 3(More)