Hans Henseler

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With the development of social media, forensic text analysis is becoming more and more challenging as forensic analysts have begun to include this information source in their practice. In this paper, we report on our recent work related to semantic search in e-discovery and propose the use of entity and topic extraction for social media text analysis. We(More)
Pyoderma gangrenosum represents a rare but severe disturbance of wound healing following operative interventions. A case report of pyoderma gangrenosum after breast surgery is presented and the aetiology and the various options regarding investigations and treatment are discussed considering the current literature. Das Pyoderma gangraenosum zählt zu den(More)
The information overload in E-Discovery proceedings makes reviewing expensive and it increases the risk of failure to produce results on time and consistently. New interactive techniques have been introduced to increase reviewer productivity. In contrast, the techniques presented in this article propose an alternative method that tries to reduce information(More)
We propose an interdisciplinary approach to applying and evaluating semantic search in the e-discovery setting. By combining expertise from the fields of law and criminology with that of information retrieval and extraction, we move beyond “algorithm-centric” evaluation, towards evaluating the impact of semantic search in real search settings. We will(More)
With the pervasiveness of computers and mobile devices, digital forensics becomes more important in law enforcement. Detectives increasingly depend on the scarce support of digital specialists which impedes efficiency of criminal investigations. Tracks Inspector is a commercial solution that enables non-technical investigators to easily investigate digital(More)
For forensic accountants and lawyers, E-discovery is essential to support findings in order to prosecute organizations that are in violation with US, EU or national regulations. For instance, the EU aims to reduce all forms of corruption at every level, in all EU countries and institutions and even outside the EU. It also aims to prevent fraud by setting up(More)