Hans-Heinrich Krueger

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Eurasian otter populations strongly declined and partially disappeared due to global and local causes (habitat destruction, water pollution, human persecution) in parts of their continental range. Conservation strategies, based on reintroduction projects or restoration of dispersal corridors, should rely on sound knowledge of the historical or recent(More)
The effect of a new azole antifungal drug, fluconazole, on cyclosporin concentration and pharmacokinetics was studied in ten bone marrow transplant recipients. There were no significant statistical or clinical differences in mean cyclosporin trough concentrations, peak concentrations and AUCs after fluconazole given either as a single 100 mg oral dose or as(More)
The effect of the 4-quinolone antimicrobial agent ciprofloxacin on the concentration in plasma and the pharmacokinetics of the immunosuppressive agent cyclosporine was studied in 10 bone marrow transplant recipients. There were no statistically or clinically significant changes in cyclosporine trough concentrations or areas under the concentration-time(More)
In a case of oral overdose of cyclosporin we measured plasma concentrations by radioimmunoassay and high pressure liquid chromatography. We observed unchanged pharmacokinetic parameters after the overdose indicating normal renal and hepatic function. Laboratory findings showed no renal or hepatic damage. As toxic symptoms, only emesis and a short, mild(More)
Twenty four patients with high grade malignant NHL (stage II 8, stage III 4, stage IV 12 patients respectively) were treated with a response-oriented regimen: Treatment was initiated according to the CHOP-protocol. Patients achieving at least a partial remission after 2 and a complete remission (CR) after 4 cycles were continued on CHOP to a total of 9(More)
X-ray radiographs of the thorax of 119 patients suffering from Morbus Hodgkin (period of therapy VI/1974-III/1979) which have been taken during radiotherapy and at routine follow up examinations have been analysed with regard to temporal progress and extent of the pulmonary radioreaction after standardised mantle-field irradiation with a 4-MeV linear(More)