Hans Heinrich Berg

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Decanucleotide duplexes of the parent sequence d(GGCA6C).d(CCGT6G) containing various numbers of 2'-deoxytubercidin (c7Ad) in place of 2'-deoxyadenosine have been synthesized. Phosphoramidites of protected c7Ad (3a,b) were used in automated solid-phase synthesis together with those of regular nucleosides. Upon enzymic 5'-phosphorylation and ligation,(More)
Thrombininhibitorund Antithrombingeh~lt des Nabelvenenblutes isoliert bestimmt wurden. Dabei wurde festgestellt, ctgB bei reifen Nengeborenen der Thrombininhibitor fast regelmaBig vermeh~ ist; es warden hohe Sehwankungen gefunden. Im Verlauf der ersten Lebenstage normatisiert sich der GehMt an Thrombininhibitor jedoch raseh. Das Antithrombin ist(More)
From 1960 to 1980, 156 patients suffering from renal traumata were seen at the Urological Depts of the town of Rostock (GDR). The absence of haematuria does not exclude renal injury. If there is any suspicion, X-ray examination (urography) should be performed, with the exception of urgent cases (polytraumatized patients) where sonography should be done.