Hans Hartung

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Efforts to ensure effective participation of patients in healthcare are called by many names-patient centredness, patient engagement, patient experience. Improvement initiatives in this domain often resemble the efforts of manufacturers to engage consumers in designing and marketing products. Services, however, are fundamentally different than products;(More)
Four different acetabular replacement designs and 2 femoral head replacement designs made out of high density alumina ceramic have been tested in sheep with postoperative survival times of up to 11 months (Frialit 99: Al2O3 99.6%, MgO 0.4%). It can be concluded from these experiments that a cement free implantation technique with alumina requires a primary(More)
The growing importance of computer technology in the fields of medical diagnosis and monitoring cannot be disputed. Few studies, however, have investigated the usefulness of computers in medical education. The following paper presents a teaching program for novice anaesthesists which helps demonstrate the problem of anaesthetizing high risk patients and(More)
The common duct was ligated in 25 dogs, 5 of which served as controls. Serum bilirubin, GOT, GPT, and alkaline phosphatase were measured pre- and postoperatively. Eight days later, in 10 dogs, a longitudinal incision was made across the stenosed segment of the common bile duct, which was then widened with a Teflon® patch. In 10 other dogs, the stenosis was(More)
Success rates and complications were studied in 178 patients scheduled for brachial block. METHODS. Patients of both sexes aged 9 to 79 years received axillary blocks in order to permit typical surgical procedures of the hand an forearm. The block was performed using the transarterial method described be Dejong. Half of the local anesthetic was administered(More)
In 12 normocapnic ventilated dogs the intracranial pressure (ICP) was increased 3-4 fold by distension of the balloon of a Foley catheter (imitating a space occupying lesion). Thereafter a shock state (aortic pressure PsA 80 mm Hg) over 20 min was induced by arterial bleeding. ICP and more pronounced cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) decreased. Injection of(More)
Progress in surgery and anesthesia has contributed to lowering operative risk and expanding the indications for operations in higher age groups. The goal of treatment in the elderly is to achieve the best possible degree of reducing discomfort and increasing personal independence. Methods. A brochure with a clinical study on 1,021 patients chosen at random(More)
Propofol (Disoprivan) is a rapid and effective hypnotic comparable with etomidate. Up to now, the effects on intracranial pressure (ICP) have only rarely been investigated, especially in cases with pre-existing increased ICP [4, 18]. The aim of this study was the evaluation of ICP after i.v. propofol administration in comparison with thiopental. Method.(More)