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Characterizing Quantum Theory in Terms of Information-Theoretic Constraints
We show that three fundamental information-theoretic constraints—the impossibility of superluminal information transfer between two physical systems by performing measurements on one of them, theExpand
Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
Algebraic quantum field theory provides a general, mathematically precise description of the structure of quantum field theories, and then draws out consequences of this structure by means of variousExpand
What Scientific Theories Could Not Be*
According to the semantic view of scientific theories, theories are classes of models. I show that this view—if taken literally—leads to absurdities. In particular, this view equates theories thatExpand
Glymour and Quine on Theoretical Equivalence
This paper examines the relationships between two different formal criteria for theoretical equivalence in Garry-Quine and Quine (1975). Expand
No Place for Particles in Relativistic Quantum Theories?
David Malament (1996) has recently argued that there can be no relativistic quantum theory of (localizable) particles. We consider and rebut several objections that have been made against theExpand
Deep beauty : understanding the quantum world through mathematical innovation
Part I. Beyond the Hilbert Space Formalism: Category Theory: 1. A prehistory of n-categorical physics John C. Baez and Aaron Lauda 2. A universe of processes and some of its guises Bob Coecke 3.Expand
This paper investigates an intermediate criterion called Morita equivalence, which combines definitional equivalence and categorical equivalence in order to show how these two well-known criteria are related to one another. Expand
Entanglement and Open Systems in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
Abstract Entanglement has long been the subject of discussion by philosophers of quantum theory, and has recently come to play an essential role for physicists in their development of quantumExpand
No place for particles in relativistic quantum theories
Several recent arguments purport to show that there can be no relativistic, quantum-mechanical theory of localizable particles and, thus, that relativity and quantum mechanics can be reconciled onlyExpand
Are Rindler Quanta Real? Inequivalent Particle Concepts in Quantum Field Theory
Philosophical reflection on quantum field theory has tended to focus on how it revises our conception of what a particle is. However, there has been relatively little discussion of the threat to theExpand