Hans Hadders

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Within Norwegian intensive care units it is common to focus on the needs of the next of kin of patients undergoing end-of-life care. Offering emotional and practical support to relatives is regarded as assisting them in the initial stages of their grief process. It has also become usual to encourage relatives to be present at the time of death of close(More)
Sacrococcygeal chordoma is a rare malignant neoplasm situated in a location adjacent to important structures. Distant metastases are usually rare and occur late. The treatment of choice usually consists of radical surgery, sometimes followed by radiotherapy. Extensive surgical resection is difficult and often causes bladder and/or bowel dysfunction, and the(More)
This article explores various ways health personnel enact death in connection with mechanical ventilation treatment withdrawal in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Trondheim University Hospital. The main focus is on sedated terminal patients who undergo mechanical ventilator treatment withdrawal and relatives' presence at this time. Mol's (2002)(More)
THE development of a tumour can be taken as an expression of a disturbed equilibrium between the number of undifferentiated and differentiated cells of a tissue, in favour of the number of undifferentiated cells. Irrespective of the cause of this disorder, the derailed cells can show morphological, biochemical and immunological deviations. The purpose of(More)