Hans Haase

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The effectiveness of memantine on the symptoms of Parkinson's disease was investigated in 67 patients (39 males, 28 females) mostly between 55 and 75 years. The study was multi-center placebo-controlled with four treatment groups, i. e. patients with and without pre- and after-treatment with other anti-Parkinson medication receiving either placebo or(More)
Since 1953 when for the first time author pointed at correlation between clinical-neuroleptic effectiveness and the extrapyramidal system, more than 50,000 investigations with 30 different short-term and long-term neuroleptics have been carried out on approximately 850 schizophrenics whose extrapyramidal fine movements were tested according to author's(More)
In an open study involving 30 schizophrenic patients the neuroleptic threshold dose (measured via Haase's graphopathological test), the maximum dose, and the maintenance dose were determined. The neuroleptic threshold dose was 5.6 mg/day (0.08 mg/kg body weight); the maximum dose was 11 mg/day (0.16 mg/kg body weight); and the maintenance dose was 6 mg/day(More)
Children undergoing liver transplantation, and their parents, are regularly provided with psychological support by a team of social workers and psychologists in the Children's Hospital of the Medical School Hannover, Germany. We would like to highlight the structure of this psychosocial care and its development since the first liver transplantation in 1978.(More)