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Baeten, Bergstra, and Klop (and later Caucal) have proved the remarkable result that bisimulation equivalence is decidable for irre-dundant context-free grammars. In this paper we provide a much simpler and much more direct proof of this result using a tableau decision method involving goal-directed rules. The decision procedure also provides the essential(More)
We use some recent techniques from process algebra to draw several conclusions about the well studied class of ping-pong protocols introduced by Dolev and Yao. In particular we show that all nontriv-ial properties, including reachability and equivalence checking wrt. the whole van Glabbeek's spectrum, become undecidable for a very simple recursive extension(More)
Over the past decade much attention has been devoted to the study of process calculi such as CCS Mil80, Mil89], ACP BK84, BK88] and CSP Hoa88] as the foundations of a mathematical model for nondeterminism and concurrency. Of particular interest has been the study of the behavioural semantics of these calculi as given by transition graphs arising from(More)
In Obliq, a lexically scoped, distributed, object-oriented programming language, object migration was suggested as the creation a copy of an object's state at the target site, followed by turning the object itself into an alias, also called surrogate, for the remote copy. We consider the creation of object surrogates as an abstraction of the above-mentioned(More)