Hans Höfken

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Windows Phone 7 is a new smartphone operating system with the potential to become one of the major smartphone platforms in the near future. Phones based on Windows Phone 7 are only available since a few months, so digital forensics of the new system is still in its infancy. This paper is a first look at Windows Phone 7 from a forensics' perspective. It(More)
A secure and reliable critical infrastructure is a concern of industry and governments. SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) are a subgroup of ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and known to be well interconnected with other networks. It is not uncommon to use public networks as transport route but a rising number of incidents of(More)
— The Volatility Framework is a collection of tools for the analysis of computer RAM. The framework offers a multitude of analysis options and is used by many investigators worldwide. Volatility currently comes with a command line interface only, which might be a hinderer for some investigators to use the tool. In this paper we present a GUI and extensions(More)
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