Hans-Gernot Biedermann

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Infections with larvae of Taenia crassiceps are rare in humans and have mostly affected patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. We report the first case of a patient with malignancy (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) and infection of the subcutis and muscles of the hand and forearm. Surgery and antiparasitic chemotherapy led to a complete cure.
The capability for discrimination of vibratory stimuli of the sole of the foot was tested on 12 subjects (6 men, 6 women). Two vibratory stimuli (sinusoidal impulse: frequency, 200 Hz; amplitude, 0.1 mm; duration, 2 sec) were applied at different sites to the sole of the foot. Subjects were asked whether they detected one or two vibratory sensations. The(More)
Thirty-three patients with alveolar echinococcosis treated by surgery or with mebendazole were observed up to six years. Of three immunoassays (IgG ELISA, complement fixation, indirect haemagglutination) correlation with the clinical course was achieved by IgG ELISA only. Serum antibody levels tended to increase during the first year and decreased during(More)
Six patients with arterial occlusions of the legs underwent VRLS: a small incision is made in the flank, the retroperitoneum pushed aside with a 1.5-1-balloon catheter, the lumbar sympathicus endoscopically severed and/or partially excised with video assistance. The intervention was successful in all cases. Excised parts of the sympathetic trunk were(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate vegetative reactions in infants after mechanical irritation of the suboccipital region. The investigation is based on 199 infants who were observed while being treated with a suboccipital impulse (manual therapy). The results revealed vegetative reactions in more than half of all cases (52.8%, n = 105). The frequency(More)
Crural ulcers represent the most serious form of chronic venous incompetence (CVI). According to duplex studies superficial venous incompetence predominate in this stage of the disease, but combined refluxes of superficial and deep veins are also common. Despite a positive correlation between the number of incompetent perforators and the stage of CVI(More)
We describe a simple and cheap system of intraarterial infusion. It consists exclusively of single parts which are available on the market. A source of pressure is connected with a modified pressure-reduction valve which produces a constant pressure in an attached pressure cuff, respectively in an enclosed infusion-bag, so that a constant flow rate of the(More)
In 71 patients aged 20 to 65 years who suffered from erectile dysfunction of vascular (mainly arterial and venous) origin, we performed 66 microsurgical vascular reconstructions (12 according to Michal II, 42 using Virag I, 5 using the Hauri modification and 7 according to the author's own method) and 5 operations to reduce venous outflow from the corpora(More)