Hans Georg Sergl

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The aim of this research was to study the proliferative response of junctional epithelium (JE) and gingival connective tissue (GCT) to mechanical stimulation in vivo with regard to the potential occurrence of apical migration of JE and loss of GCT attachment during orthodontic tooth movement. Elastic bands were inserted between the maxillary first and(More)
The maxillary and mandibular apical base areas were measured, using a gnathograph, on the study casts of 156 adults and children representing Class II division 1, Class II division 2 and Class III malocclusions. There were significant differences between the groups at each age. The maxillary apical base areas tended to be smaller for the adults than for the(More)
The samples consisting of 200 latero-lateral cephalometric X-rays of examinees with nearly normal occlusion from Mainz are compared with homologous one from Zagreb. The purpose of the investigation was to point out the morphological differences in cranio-facial system. 19 variables were analysed by using essential statistic parameters and discriminative(More)
The reliability o f two traditional and two computerized cephalome­ tric analyses was comparatively examined. Thirty radiograms were analysed twice with all four analyses. On 18 selected variables o f each o f the analyses average differences and method errors were evaluated. The results indicate that there are no significant differences between the(More)
In this study good-looking "male" and "female" as well as ugly facial profiles were shaped by 104 lay persons using an especially constructed device according to specific instructions. These profiles were photographed and subsequently evaluated using a series of parameters from soft tissue profile analyses. Although some significant mean value differences(More)
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