Hans-Georg Scherneck

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Analysis of Global Positioning System (GPS) data demonstrates that ongoing three-dimensional crustal deformation in Fennoscandia is dominated by glacial isostatic adjustment. Our comparison of these GPS observations with numerical predictions yields an Earth model that satisfies independent geologic constraints and bounds both the average viscosity in the(More)
[1] Data collected under the auspices of the BIFROST GPS project yield a geographically dense suite of estimates of present-day, three-dimensional (3-D) crustal deformation rates in Fennoscandia [Johansson et al., 2002]. A preliminary forward analysis of these estimates [Milne et al., 2001] has indicated that models of ongoing glacial isostatic adjustment(More)
We present sea level observations derived from the analysis of Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) data recorded at five coastal GPS sites. These sites are located in different regions around the world, both in the northern and the southern hemisphere, in different multipath environments, from rural coastal areas to busy harbors, and experience different tidal(More)
This report briefly summarizes the activities of the IVS Analysis Center at the Onsala Space Observatory during 2013 and gives examples of results of ongoing work. 1 General Information We concentrate on research topics that are relevant for space geodesy and geosciences. These research topics are related to data observed with geodetic VLBI and(More)
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