Hans Georg Musmann

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An object-oriented analysis-synthesis coder is presented which encodes objects instead of blocks of N x N picture elements. The objects are described by three parameter sets defining the motion, shape and colour of an object. The parameter sets are obtained by image analysis based on source models of either moving 2D-objects or moving 3D-objects. Known(More)
In order to reduce the bit rate of video signals, the standardized coding techniques apply motion-compensated prediction in combination with transform coding of the prediction error. By mathematical analysis, it is shown that aliasing components are deteriorating the prediction efficiency. In order to compensate the aliasing, two-dimensional (2-D) and(More)
Hans-Georg Musmann, Oliver Werner, Hendrik Fuchs, Universität Hannover stementwickler vor viele schwierige Aufgaben, wären aber von großem Nutzen. Kappe und Maurer arbeiten seit einigen Jahren an diesen Problemen und stellen den Stand der Arbeiten in dem Aufsatz „Hyper-G: ein großes universelles Hypermediasystem und einige Spinoffs" vor. Das vorliegende(More)
For encoding moving images at very low bit rates objectoriented analysis-synthesis coding using source models of moving 2 D and 3D-objects has been investigated. According to this coding concept each moving object of an image is described and encoded by three parameter sets defining the motion, the shape and the surface colour of the moving object The(More)
Nowadays, we are very frequently transmitting the video over internet. This is due to an extensive increase in multimedia applications over hand held devices, such as smart mobile phones and also other advance conventional devices. Motion Estimation is an important field of study in the area of motion analysis and motion compression. The motion estimation(More)