Hans G. W. de Groot

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The present document is the result of a consensus reached by a panel of experts from European and non-European countries on Occupational Rhinitis (OR), a disease of emerging relevance which has received little attention in comparison to occupational asthma. The document covers the main items of OR including epidemiology, diagnosis, management,(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to retrospectively analyze outcomes of axillofemoral bypass (AxFB) operations performed in patients with severe comorbidities. METHODS All patients (n = 45) who received an AxFB between 1990 and 2005 for aortoiliac occlusive disease (AIOD, n = 35) or infectious aortic disease (IAD, n = 10) were included. Information on(More)
BACKGROUND Patients who undergo autologous femoropopliteal bypass surgery develop postoperative edema in the revascularized leg. The effects of intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) to treat and to prevent postreconstructive edema were examined in this study. METHODS In a prospective randomized trial, patients were assigned to one of two groups. All(More)
BACKGROUND For respiratory allergic disorders in children, sublingual immunotherapy has been developed as an alternative to subcutaneous immunotherapy. Sublingual immunotherapy is more convenient, has a good safety profile and might be an attractive option for use in primary care. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study was designed to establish(More)
BACKGROUND To date, diagnosing food allergies in children still presents a diagnostic dilemma, leading to uncertainty concerning the definite diagnosis of peanut allergy, as well as to the need for strict diets and the potential need for adrenalin auto-injectors. This uncertainty in particular is thought to contribute to a lower quality of life. In the(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies with a limited number of patients have provided indications that cashew-allergic patients may experience severe allergic reactions to minimal amounts of cashew nut. The objectives of this multicentre study were to assess the clinical relevance of cashew nut sensitisation, to study the clinical reaction patterns in double-blind(More)
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