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Reconfigurable many-core processors have many advantages over conventionally designed devices, such as low power consumption and very high flexibility. For an increasing number of safety-critical applications, these processors must have an ultra high dependability. This paper discusses the design and verification of an infrastructural IP, the Dependability(More)
The area of micro-electronic fluidic systems is rapidly developing into commercial products for many different applications. As a consequence, efficient testing of these systems becomes of key importance. This paper will show some of the results obtained previously and also discuss recent developments, which are considered to be important in testable design(More)
A new definition of the testability transfer factor for circuit components that provides better sensitivity with respect to parametric deviations is presented. New equations for the testability measures in a mixed-signal core are given. Testability analysis is used for test-pattern generation and for consideration of inserting wrapper cells. The simulation(More)