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Reconfigurable many-core processors have many advantages over conventionally designed devices, such as low power consumption and very high flexibility. For an increasing number of safety-critical applications, these processors must have an ultra high dependability. This paper discusses the design and verification of an infrastructural IP, the Dependability(More)
  • J. A. Raymakers, O. Hoekstra, J. van Putten, H. Kerkhoff, S. A. Duursma
  • 1986
In 174 adults presenting with backache, bone densitometry was performed on the lumbar spine, both femoral necks, and one femoral shaft employing dual energy photon absorptiometry (DPA); in 112 of these, densitometry was under-taken on L4 using single energy quantitative computer assisted tomography (CT). Radiographs of the spine were obtained in all(More)
the integration of emerging nondigital CMOS technologies will require radically different test methods, posing a major challenge for designers and test engineers. One such technology is microelectronic fluidic (MEF) arrays, which have rapidly gained importance in many biological, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. The advantages of these systems,(More)
In animal experiments, nerve transection is followed by expression of nerve growth factor receptors (NGFR) on Schwann cells of both motor and sensory nerve fibres distally to the site of the lesion. To determine whether denervated Schwann cells in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) similarly express NGFR, a study was made of post-mortem material of(More)