Hans G Karlsson

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To determine the reliability and validity of a previously identified "suicide cluster" in the Percept-genetic Object-Relation Test (PORT), which test documents subliminal perception of object-relation pictures, 20 suicide attempters and 70 controls were investigated. The correspondence between scores assigned by two judges was 95%-100%. The suicide-cluster(More)
Since 1990, five new antiepileptic drugs have been approved in Sweden for add-on therapy of partial epilepsy. The optimal use of these drugs has not yet been established. In a county general hospital, 75 of 382 adult patients with epilepsy were treated with newer antiepileptic drugs. Fifty-two continued treatment with a newer drug for one year or longer(More)
In many control problems, e.g. in biology, time delays of the order of seconds or more play an important role. The present device is intended for simulations of such problems. Its accuracy (0·1 per cent) is of the same magnitude as that for most analogue computer components. It has been used in preliminary experiments (Fig. 5) to study biological rhythms.(More)
Very few real-world measurements of road dust suspension have been performed to date. This study compares two different techniques (referred to as Sniffer and Emma) to measure road dust emissions. The main differences between the systems are the construction of the inlet, different instruments for recording particulate matter (PM) levels, and different(More)